Meet the Producers



Leah Mangold
Leah is a sophomore at Arcadia University, where she studies Visual Journalism and Professional Writing. She grew up in a tiny farm town in Connecticut, but has since caught the travel bug; when she's not exploring new places, she's either blogging, drawing, or dreaming about it.
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Sinarely Minchala
Sinarely is a senior Visual Anthropology major with a concentration in Video Communications at Arcadia University. She was born in Ecuador, but moved to New York when she was five. Throughout her university career, she has traveled to Italy every year, where she has acquired a high proficiency in the Italian language, making her trilingual. She also enjoys drawing, painting, playing the guitar and singing.
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Matt Gramegna
Matt is a senior Global Media major at Arcadia University. He is from Allendale, New Jersey, and grew up with Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Bond films. He spent his junior year studying in London.
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