Songs are Memories.


“I remember listening to this when I went to the bakery with my uncle when I was little.” -Jenna, 19 // “My mom would only ever play country music in the car, and my grandparents only ever played NPR. After my mom left, when the song came on, I would cry because a. my mom left me with my grandparents, and b. I knew everything was going to be okay because, you know, God has a plan. I didn’t realize it was a love song, but I would get really sad, and then feel really hopeful, and then feel guilty and sometimes happy, but mostly sad.” -Lynn, 21 // “When driving with my older brother this is one of the songs we jam out to.” -Delia, 18 // “This song reminds me of summer camp in third grade and everyone singing it together.”-Kyle, 21 // “My sisters and I used to sing this at the top of our lungs on road trips to Rhode Island.” -Heather, 42 //

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